Tucson, AZ 



updated 9-2-20


Due to Covid 19 we are in the process in checking with the old Tucson Studios to see if they will be open during the day. "The Night Fall" for Halloween that usually takes place at night  has been canclled for this year. 

We are loking for another way to do the Pony Run 

We are also checking to see what time the desert museunm is opening for visitors.

We will update this information hopefully by this Monday. if this cancelled we will announce something else here and on our facebook page.

updated 9-2-20-730 pm


Tentative information if this happens

October 9th 2020:

Pony Trail,  will be Friday, October 9th, Leaving Aproximately 9am (Time could change), Old Tucson Studios and Deset museum if any wants to.

Cost can be through a group or single.  We are checking into this to see what is the best way. More to come on this.

More information will be added soon.




updated 9-2-20 730pm

This Mustang Pony trail run is open to anyone who wants to participate. You do not have to be in the show to participate.

We will be leaving Casino Del Sol at aproximately 9 am and arriving at the

Desert museum about 15 minutes drive away.   The desert museum is about 10 minutes further through the Suguaro national Park West.





More information to come soon!!


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