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  Photo credit above to Ten-six Photography-Justin Northcraft 

                 Please visit Justin's web site. he has more great photos being added daily and has been a big assistant to myself and everyone.                                                    http://www.tensixphotography.com/   

Please read below for Mustang National show updates



Spirit Of The West National Show 2020 

 Updated 9-16-20


Sad news!

We got the word today the Casino Del Sol is canceling all events for the remainder of time through the end of the 2020 year.  We are working quickly as possible with the Casino, and MCA to secure dates for next year most likely in October 2021.


PLEASE READ !!!  For refunds for the show part, only for the show itself .. NOT THE HOTEL FOR THIS PART.

We have to have time to transfer money form our account back into Pay Pal We  have called Pay Pal and they have fixed the issue of having the refund button being grayed out . 

Here is the catch its takes approximate 5 working days for that money to transfer from the bank to PayPal. This means We will not be able to do any transfers to anyone until late next week so please be patient as we get the money back into Pay pal to do the refunds.

We have paid for several items for the show and need to recover this money to pay everyone back. Refunds will have to take part in 2-3 increments . . This is not going to be easy. It takes a whole lot to put in place a show like this . My guesstimate on these refunds should all be refunded with in 3-4 weeks. Hopefully a lot sooner. So please be patient with us on this. We will work on this as quickly as humanly possible. Thank you

For the Casino Hotel rooms:

Now during this time we will be waiting for word back from the casino if a new date are available most likely in October.  We can not do March 2020 as we would like to because of the 45th MCA anniversary in April..

We will release the dates to either have you cancel the hotel you originally have to keep the reservations or cancel directly with the hotel .

Do not cancel yet with the casino until we know for sure on the new dates. Again your rooms can move forward automatically to the new dates. This way we only have to work with the Motosho web site and that part of the show.

If you don't want to attend the show and you just want to cancel the hotel please wait till we have the official dates and know what the Casino wants to do before we get everything tangled in a web. Just a lot easier this way on everyone.

Thank you for everyone's patience on this. Just remember third time is a charm and the show will go on !  Stayed tuned we will update as soon as we can....

Please  email us so if you have any questions  email us @ oldpueblomjustangclub@live.com 

Thank you


 MCA National Mustang Show  2020

 to Tucson, AZ @ Casino Del Sol  October 8-11th 2020

 more decisions have to be made we will let you know 

For registration please see the page above-

"Spirit Of The West National Show"

              " Spirit Of The West National Show  2020 "

Code is " Spirit of the West"



International Mustang Club members are welcome also. 



         Old Pueblo Mustang Club 29th year Anniversary 

The Old Pueblo Mustang Club (OPMC) of Tucson, Arizona is a charter member of the Mustang Club of America. We are a group of individuals who enjoy the opportunity to own, maintain, and operate Mustang and Shelby cars, 1964 1/2 to current production models.

OPMC is committed to professional development and technical training, including road safety, and offers comprehensive training on a regular basis.   

Jim Click Ford Wilmot and 22nd  630 pm, 2nd wednesday of the month.

Contact us at  (520) 429-7807 for further information. 


Old Pueblo Mustang Club takes pride in celebrating the most iconic pony car in history! 

Coming soon new information on the 2020  Spirit Of The West National Show inTucson, AZ in the fall hoepfully



 We look forward in doing this all over again !!!


Thank you

Old Pueblo Mustang Club




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