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  Photo credit above to Ten-six Photography-Justin Northcraft 

                 Please visit Justin's web site. He has more great photos being added daily and has been a big assistant to myself and everyone.                                                    http://www.tensixphotography.com/   

Please read below for Mustang National show updates



Spirit Of The West National Show 2021  ***

 Updated 1-21-21

The show is on!!!   The dates are  October 7th -10th 2021 

 Registration is open on www.motoshow.com !!!!!

Here we go again! third time is a charm!1


I do want to put out a disclaimer on this. Just in case of Covid and things don't look good by the time we get closer to the show, and if we have to cancel again. Please be aware that PayPal DOES NOT   ALLOW refunds out of a 6 months Period .

So if you do register outside of the 6 month cut off date minus 30 days, so we have time to do refunds and fix any issues, so this makes it actually 5 months,  then you will not get a refund.  (please see refunds below.  Cut off date is September 18th for registration for judging and day of show for all drive ins and late registrations. So official registration start date should be Sunday  May 10th 2021 .  

We got lucky on the last round last year, and Pay Pal was nice to bend their strict policy on this. 

So please try registering anytime between May and the cut of date in September so we can actually refund the money.


Also please be aware if we have to send you a check for a refund and you register through PayPal and you decide to cancel, you will lose the Fee charged portion by Pay Pal. Nothing we can really do on this part.

One more thing we had on issues with  Pay Pal refunds., please make sure you have the address in Pay Pal and a current credit card that if we do have to do  refund it goes to the correct address and account. We had several that had to call Pay Pal to get there money resent to them . 

Once we do a refund there is nothing we can do on our side.  Everything from that point has to be done on the Pay Pal side. We do not have the options of changing credit cards and email addresses from our side either way.  Refunds go to the primary account that is marked as default payment on Pay Pal.

We would like to keep all these issues to minimum for everyone.    Cutoff date, again,  for the show will be  September 18th 2021  for any judged entries, and anyone registering after this date will be a drive up or day of show entry will be in display only.

Have fun registering and see you at the show!

Please  email us so if you have any questions  email us @ oldpueblomjustangclub@live.com 

Please keep this page  as a bookmark to keep up with any changes we make on the show. This site will have other pages added to the tab above as we get closer to the show. 

One more thing as soon as we have the hotel information and we know the registration for this up and running Whith a code word we put this out.

Thank you



national show




         Old Pueblo Mustang Club 30th year Anniversary 

The Old Pueblo Mustang Club (OPMC) of Tucson, Arizona is a charter member of the Mustang Club of America. We are a group of individuals who enjoy the opportunity to own, maintain, and operate Mustang and Shelby cars, 1964 1/2 to current production models.

OPMC is committed to professional development and technical training, including road safety, and offers comprehensive training on a regular basis.   

Jim Click Ford Wilmot and 22nd  630 pm, 2nd wednesday of the month.

Contact us at  (520) 429-7807 for further information. 


Old Pueblo Mustang Club takes pride in celebrating the most iconic pony car in history! 

Coming soon new information on the 2021 Spirit Of The West National Show inTucson, AZ 



 We look forward in doing this all over again !!!


Thank you

Old Pueblo Mustang Club




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