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National Parts Depot is a proud sponsor of the 2017 Tucson National Show.

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                 Attention Everyone !!!  Very important !!

 We would like thank everyone that attended the 2017 National Show in Tucson Az.  For those that attended you are the ones that made this a sucessfull show.

We would like thank all OPMC members and those those that helped from MCA to fill in the gaps where needed to make this a sucess. We would like to also thank all vendors and Sponsors of this show. Without you all this show would not gone on.  Thank you NPD for being our main Sponsor. We really apreciate  it!  

We would like to give special thanks to our banquet band - River Road Ramblers, and Heratbeat Band for a terrific oncore presentation at the pool party. What a blast!! both bands where fantastic.

Thank you for that little mustanger that put on a great display of burn outs at the show also. We hope to see here in the future as she gets older since she was only 4.11 years of age.  

Thank you Mr John Clor - Ford performance, for an excellent funny presentation at the banquet. It was great!!

 OPMC looks forward in doing this again Some day.. 

Please pass this on to everyone please!
Thank you,


 Thank you very much-Old Pueblo Mustang Club                                           oldpueblomustangclub@live.com


                    Watch the short video   - VIDEO COMING REAL SOON FOR 2017 NATIONAL    

                                                        2015 MCA Event  In Tucson AZ


         Old Pueblo Mustang Club 26th year Anniversary 

The Old Pueblo Mustang Club (OPMC) of Tucson, Arizona is a charter member of the Mustang Club of America. We are a group of individuals who enjoy the opportunity to own, maintain, and operate Mustang and Shelby cars, 1964 1/2 to current production models.

OPMC is committed to professional development and technical training, including road safety, and offers comprehensive training on a regular basis.   

Please come to one of our monthly club meetings to check us out. Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at Jim Click Ford located at 6244 East 22nd Street, Southwest corner of 22nd Street and Wilmot.

Meeting time is 6:30pm. Parking is located under the awning at the Jim Click Ford Service Center.

Contact us at  (520) 429-7807 for further information. 


Old Pueblo Mustang Club takes pride in celebrating the most iconic pony car in history! This year, the Ford Mustang was celebrating 52 years of American Muscle.



 We look forward in doing this all over again maybe.


Thank you

Old Pueblo Mustang Club



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