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  MCA National Show will be held in Tucson Arizona on May 12-14th of May

2017.   We look forward to you visiting us in 2017. If you missed the last show don't miss this one !! 

Rooms are filling up real fast so the earlier the better.

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Hotel Resevations can be made from today, up to the date of April 14th 2017.


This date will not change and cannot be changed, for rooms at Casino Del Sol . Once this date is past, the rooms left will go to the public group.

  We have added more rooms to be availabe for this show compared to 2015. Please follow all instructions carefully-Thank you

     Important - Please go to the tab at the top of this page and under  "Hoof Beats in the Desert" click on Hotel reservations Casino Del Sol  at the top of this page  and follow the instructions for reservations.  We have 125 rooms available for Thursday through Saturday and 100 rooms for Sunday. 

If there are any cancellations after making reservations, it is very, very important for you to get hold of Laurie @ 520-271-8100 first, before canceling with the hotel. 

We want to make sure all rooms are not put back into the main Hotel pool until after April 14th 2017, otherwise someone that wants a room will be left out booking at the hotel.

We do have an over flow hotel available, as this hotel will fill up very very fast.  Once this block is sold out we will have to go to the over flow hotel. This hotel will be right next to the airport 8 miles from the show location.


More information will be put out more information for this hotel by end of January 2017 for the code word and whom to speak to.

We will make this available, as time goes on, how many rooms are still available at Casino Del Sol.

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 Thank you very much-Old Pueblo Mustang Club                                           oldpueblomustangclub@live.com


                          Watch the short video      2015 MCA Event  In Tucson AZ


         Old Pueblo Mustang Club 26th year Anniversary 

The Old Pueblo Mustang Club (OPMC) of Tucson, Arizona is a charter member of the Mustang Club of America. We are a group of individuals who enjoy the opportunity to own, maintain, and operate Mustang and Shelby cars, 1964 1/2 to current production models.

OPMC is committed to professional development and technical training, including road safety, and offers comprehensive training on a regular basis.   

Please come to one of our monthly club meetings to check us out. Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at Jim Click Ford located at 6244 East 22nd Street, Southwest corner of 22nd Street and Wilmot.

Meeting time is 6:30pm. Parking is located under the awning at the Jim Click Ford Service Center.

Contact us at  (520) 429-7807 for further information. 


Old Pueblo Mustang Club takes pride in celebrating the most iconic pony car in history! This year, the Ford Mustang was celebrating 52 years of American Muscle.

 We would like to thank Casino Del Sol and their staff, MCA judges, and workers, Vendors,  musical groups-Heartbeat, and Dina Preston band, Auctioneer, and everyone that came to the 2015 National Show in Tucson AZ . This was the first of 4 shows for Mustang Club of America (MCA) for the year 2015, and we would like to thank each, and everyone, who participated in making this show very sucessfull. Without you and your mustangs this show would not have been a sucess. We hope to see you all at one of the other MCA shows in the near future.


 We look forward in doing this all over again in 2017. 


Thank you

Old Pueblo Mustang Club



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